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Our aspiration: Diversify IT supply

Let’s launch the IT50+ club!

At a time when Europe has failed to enforce its record fine of 13 billion on Apple and when the giant has long since stopped paying a large amount of tax on the old continent, making tens of billions of sales there, we have decided to call a halt to the death of the innovative IT ecosystem in Europe by monopolising the IT supplies of European companies and institutions from a few non-European giants.

Invest on a EU scale

Invest more than 50% of any new IT investment or operating budget with French or European players

European Technology Development

Contribute via an ETD – European Technology Development budget (similar to the ESR budget) to the creation of innovative ecosystems and business networks.

Call for tenders? Call for EU

Retain in any call for tenders 50% of European players

Communicate the EU way

Produce European reference communications and enable European technological icons to communicate them.

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